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Tricking Myself

Since I've started teaching collage classes, I've gathered lots of tips for keeping my students creating. While I do teach technique, I find much of the time someone needs help starting, or finishing, or pushing through during the middle part. The issues seem to be more psychological than technical. And sometimes, I find that I need to take my own advice. Uninterrupted time is like a rainbow for me now; I have to maximize every second if I want to get any art made. That means not waiting around for inspiration. I need tried and true activities that I don't have to think about or get special supplies out for. So some days, I fill entire pages with faces. We all know what a face looks like, but I honestly never know what expression is going to come out until I start drawing. It's always a surprise. I never know whether someone will be screaming for a hat, a cat, or a silly hairdo. And, all I need is paper, pencil, and something to color with. Try it the next time you feel stuck. You might just trick yourself into a whole afternoon of enjoyable artmaking! At the very least, you'll make yourself smile with the characters who appear.

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