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Travel Kit

When I was getting ready to pack for my trip to Italy, I knew that I wanted to bring a very small kit of art supplies. Our goal was to travel light and make transferring luggage as easy as possible. It felt like a good challenge to decide what to take so I could still make collages, but not be bogged down by things I didn't need. I decided that I wouldn't take any papers with me, except for the pad of post-its that you'll see in the video. I had to make or find any papers that I was going to use. The first few days, my collages were simple. I used the colored pencils to make solid colors on the post-its that I would then tear out and use. I found some notepaper paper from my daughter. Then, I had material: maps, brochures, paper bags, and tickets. I really delighted in working this way. The only supply that I honestly missed was my scissors.

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