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Sketchbook As Therapy

I often turn to my sketchbook when I'm having a hard day. On those days, I generally start with the words and see what unfolds. Not only do I record my feelings, it allows me to work through them and see the outcome when the page is finished. Sometimes the overall feel of the spread surprises me.

In this case, I was very angry at what someone had said behind my back. It wasn't the first time they tried to make me feel less than, even though I stood up for myself and thought I had resolved the problem. I started here with a post-it note that I wrote in the moment:

And then I used the same words to start this page.

You can see the angry version of those words behind the figure. That was the first thing on the page. I glued the figure down and went to sleep. The next day, I was feeling way less mad about the whole incident. I realized that I didn't feel small, and what had happened wasn't my fault. I realized that good and positive things were sprouting despite this one person's view of me, and I was going to continue sowing those seeds. It was such an interesting transformation from anger to hope, and I really appreciated how I could work through it visually in my sketchbook. I also love the little gasteria succulent dreaming about being a tree, and not seeing himself as being small at all. I had never created a character paired with a plant in my sketchbook--looking at it now, it feels new and experimental for me, but when I made it, it just felt right.

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