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I've been using this site for several years now, but once in awhile, I go to do something that I've done repeatedly, and it doesn't work anymore. This time, it was email marketing. I had a newsletter to send to my subscribers, and it didn't want to let me do so. I picked a small segment of my list to send it to--maybe it worked for them? But I figured I'd repost the meat of it here.

For me, late fall can be a melancholy time of year. The light has changed and it feels dark and a bit gloomy, and the many months of winter loom ahead. I always feel pulled between getting my business ready for the holiday season, and my family. And this year, a new job is added into the mix! In these many aspects of life, I feel like I'm falling behind a little, just like our return to standard time. I need a pep talk now, and this positive phrase struck a chord with me from a blog that I follow, talking about inspiring mantras for marathoners: I love you, keep going!

This is the first year in a very long time that I'm not doing holiday farmers' markets. My new job has me busy trying to get the Bennington Community Market ready to open! I'm not baking regularly, but I am testing recipes and working on breads. So, I'm happy to take custom orders if there's something that you'd like to order at least a half dozen of. I have aprons and tea towels ready to sell; they can be shipped, or I can arrange local pick up.

The shop is updated with packs of cards and these sweet papier mache plant friends! They are on super durable stakes and covered in a clear gloss to give them some longevity in the wet world of a potted plant.

I've been trying to figure out my new identity. Am I more of a baker now, since I'm spending more time doing that? And do I switch my Instagram to baking photos? I'll probably continue to integrate the two together as much as I can.....and leave my Instagram feed mostly art. I am excited about the things I've been baking, though. I thought back to my childhood when I made these bialys. My dad grew up in Brooklyn, and when I was growing up in MD, his brother would always bring NY delicacies when he came to visit. I vividly remember a white box of assorted Italian cookies (those apricot jam filled ones--yum!), a big vat of sour pickles, and a bag of bagels and bialys. I always thought of bialys of those weird, flat bagels, but I came across them in a book recently and had to make them for nostalgia's sake. They were delicious!

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