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My colors

When Maria and I talk about what we're working on, we often talk about our color palettes. Those colors look like yours, I might say to her. And by that, I mean the colors she used are colors she often uses and pairs. I associate certain colors with her---a chartreuse yellow-green, and a red-orange poppy. I realized this when I was at the art store before going over to her house to do the Gelli printing. I wanted to bring some of "her" colors along. It can be harder to spot your own colors, but when I took out my little colored pencil travel bag the other day, it was pretty easy to see which colors got the most use. The short, stubby little two-pointed indigo. The light cloud blue, the celadon pencil with the lead that keeps creeping out of the back. That light beige on the far left that is named "ginger." I like having the limits of these familiar colors to work against. When I'm out with my sketchbook and passing the time, I have a place to start.

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