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I've been busy with a variety of things lately. That keeps life interesting, but it also serves to keep me a little bit distracted and unfocused. To combat that feeling, I've continued to work on my characters, who are quick and one-off, and lets me relax and play for a little while. I posted a couple of videos of them on Instagram, where they've been well received. Seeing them as a video makes them a little more performative, and I like the surprise of turning the page and seeing something new. The sketchbook has a special story--I was lucky enough to win it in a giveaway from Bindweed Sketchbooks. I loved and collected shells when I was a kid, and I had (and still have!) my guides to seashells and sea creatures. It's bound and a smaller size than I usually work in. The paper is luscious. Working in a different book has the side effect of shaking up my routines and usual ways of creating. I think that's what makes these characters extra unique.

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