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Making it Move

I don't know how to describe the pace of life right now. I wouldn't call it busy, but it's not idle either. Yes, my days are busy with homeschooling and making all the meals, but there are gaps in the days: when I would've been driving my daughter to activities, or waiting to pick her up from school, or getting ready to go somewhere and do something. I try to use these chunks of time to work in my sketchbook for a few minutes, or exercise, or even stare out the window for a few.

But, I'm still eager to learn new skills and interact with people, even if they're online. And so, I return to my trusted source of online classes, Carla Sonheim, and the Kitchen Table Animation class by Kara Kramer. I'm learning how to make stop motion animations! It's seriously fun, and I've discovered that my daughter is as into it as I am. My mind is staying active making up funny movies, and it's like living in a colorful, silly world for a little while. I'm posting my "masterpieces" to Vimeo---you can see more here.

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