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Kindness Rules

I'm been thinking more and more about kindness in my daily life. The world feels somewhat menacing right now, and it's hard to remember that we have control over our lives. Specifically, we have a lot of control over how we interact with others. I've tried to really focus during markets on how I show up for others. People come to a farmers' market to buy fresh, local food and have pleasant interactions. They want to be recognized, to be seen, to be handed their "usual" with a smile. I try to be present with my customers, to be patient and kind. I used to think that my job selling fat and sugar wasn't a very noble one. Over the last couple of years, I've reframed my attitude. I make delicious and beautiful things for people to eat, and I make and sell them with love. And that's a perfectly noble pursuit.

The book above is a special story. Before Valentine's Day, I asked my Instagram followers if anyone would like for me to send them a handmade valentine. I got a few responses from people that I know. A woman whom I didn't know (@simplycelebrate) asked if I wouldn't mind sending her one as well. I got thank you messages from my recipients, including Sherry. This past Saturday, I found an unexpected, small padded envelope in my mailbox. It turns out that Sherry is a kindness guru (or kindness ninja, as she's described by the blurbs in the front of the book). I was so delighted to receive her book, which has the best ideas for making the people around you feel loved. Spread some kindness today---it'll even make you feel better. And, for quick and easy ways to do so, go buy Sherry's book (spread even more love and order it from your local bookseller)!

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