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Keep On Going

These past couple of months have driven my feelings and emotions about everyday things to an extreme. I enjoy cooking----however, when it's basically the only option, and it's three times a day and with a limited pantry, joy is not the word I would use. The silver lining is that I've made a lot of recipes that I might not have tried otherwise. One of these sleeper hits was a tomato risotto from the New York Times. I've had a bag of risotto hanging out in the cupboard for some time, after buying it to make for my daughter, who loved it at a local restaurant, but loved it much less when I made it (with much less butter, cream, and cheese, I'm sure!). And, gasp, I used canned tomatoes. They worked out just fine.

My point is that right now, we're all having to withstand heavy doses of situations that would otherwise be ordinary: togetherness, loneliness, caution. Everyone is dealing in their own way, some better than others. The only advice I can offer is to mix it up. Try making risotto again, even without the summer ripe tomatoes. Learn something new, reconnect with someone old. Keep on going.

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