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In the Midst

My house in still in the midst of the upheaval that is our upcoming move. The new house officially belongs to us, as of last Thursday. And, there's quite a lot to take care of there before we can move in. I'm chipping away at it, between dropping my daughter at school and picking her up. My husband is over there in the evenings, and we'll be spending a big chunk of time over this weekend and next week's spring break. It's left me in disarray, as moves do. What I've found interesting is that I still need to work in my sketchbook. I ferry it back and forth to the new house, though when I'm there, I barely have time to eat. Just having it along feels comforting, like it's waiting for me to sit down and take a minute with it. This shows me how important my daily practice has been. That even now, when my time and space are limited, I'm almost programmed to do something, even make a few marks. It feels good and necessary.

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What a wonderful daily practice you have, Emily. It encourages me to integrate some of my art into each day. Definitely soothing and a comfort.

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