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Getting Out of the Sketchbook, Part 1

My time has been scattered lately, as summer time often is. Working in my sketchbook is a practice that can adjust easily to my time and space. Often, I throw it my my small tote bag that is perpetually packed with my pencil case full of assorted brands of colored pencils, a graphite pencil with an eraser, a Sharpie pen, and a water brush. This goes with me to my daughter's activities and for when we hop in the car and take a short trip. I add the collage parts either first, or when I'm home again. As I've written about before, this is a very fulfilling practice for me. However, sometimes I want to make something more "important." I've been playing around on wood panels, trying to keep the same spontaneous feel as I get in my sketchbook.

This little guy is called In the Kitchen. I love illustrating food and recipes, but I hadn't done either of those things recently. This features the eternal question of what's for dinner in a colorful, diminutive tableau. It's always tricky taking photos of these because the colors are more vibrant in person and on the screen, you miss the comforting smell of the wood and solidness of the panel. I really enjoyed working in this format.

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