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Food Nostalgia

There's just something about certain foods that brings on a very tender nostalgia. A food that reminds you of a grandparent, maybe, or a dish that your mom made you when you were sick. That's one reason that I really love baking--so many recipes have a direct tie to a specific person or place. Even better are those recipes written on an old, yellowed index card, with corresponding stains, in a familiar hand. Or, in a book with notes in the margin. I realized that one very nostalgic food for me (and probably many others) is toast. My dad toasted an English muffin almost every morning for what seemed like years when I was little. That smell would fill the kitchen with loving warmth and coziness. Toast was also the first food that my mom would sanction after being sick. Cinnamon toast was an extra special treat, with melting pats of butter turning crunchy and sweet spicy. I love how the Brits have a category called nursery foods, and toast fits solidly in there.

In August, I wrote this little poem and made a quick accordion book to illustrate it. It's watercolor on watercolor paper, with a little slipcover made out of gelli printed paper. I finally got around to making a video of it. Enjoy!

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