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Expanding My View

Until I moved, I didn't realize how limited I felt in my old house. We lived in a very beautiful spot, in a very nice house. But now I realize that my perspective there was just a sliver. In my new home, I have an expansive view, a 360 degree view. Every window in the house has plentiful natural light and a thoughtful framing of the outside. I look out my bedroom window to see the crabapple, fully pink in blossom. I look out my studio window to see a charmingly crooked birch and the front flower bed. In the dining room, the unfurling of the maroon leaves of the most beautifully shaped maple glow against the white walls. We are tucked amongst the mountains. I can look around and see where I am. As much as I tried at our old house, I could never see my way beyond the trees. I was always trying to place us on my internal map of the area, and I couldn't.

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