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One of my favorite things about making collages is that they continually surprise me. Unless I set out to make something in particular, I'm never quite sure what or who is going to show up at the end. When I teach, I describe the point of finishing as when the collage makes you smile. It feels right to me that when the collage delights you, it's done. I've been thinking about this as I'm rereading Ross Gay's The Book of Delights, which I highly recommend. Especially in these stark, cold days of winter, I'm looking for the delights.

Some things that have recently delighted me:

*Going to the Clark Museum with my friend Maria and showing her my favorite pieces

*Making cuttings of my flourishing rabbit's foot fern to hopefully share when they grow

*Watching a flock of twittering birds in the tree out my studio window

*Sitting by the fire and listening to it crack and ping in the wood stove insert

*Hearing my daughter laugh after making up silly voices for her stuffed animals

Where are you finding the delights these days?

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