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Daily Collages, Continued

When I got an email from Rhonda at the Left Bank Gallery asking if I'd like to contribute anything to her upcoming show, Contagion, I thought of my daily collages. The pile has been steadily growing, and they are certainly infecting my life with a dose of discipline. But, I dragged my feet. I had so many excuses---they're too little, they'll be too hard to hang, they weren't really for exhibiting. They seemed....not enough.

I thought about how the people who have been following my journey are intrigued with the idea of my daily collages. Of committing to a practice, for a short period each day, that gets you warmed up and ready to create more. Making them keeps me working, and therefore, more open to inspiration. I thought that viewing them may inspire people to try it for themselves. And so, I was able to see them in person today, on the gallery wall. Not on my floor, or in the shoebox where I keep them, and they seemed like just enough.

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