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A Little Garden Tour: Succulents

I recently got a new phone with an excellent camera, and it's inspired me to take beauty shots of my plants. Since they play a big role in my art at this point (besides make me happy!), I thought it would be fun to share. I wanted to start with succulents because their forms are sculptural and so much fun to draw and collage.

Succulents have slowly become some of my favorite plants. They are such a large and varied group, but what they have in common is their ability to make do with so little. The leaves can be spherical, pointy, or even fuzzy. Some plants grow tall, some grow wide, some want to trail, and some are ground covers. Their names are truly endearing: bear paw, string of turtles, panda plant. Since they live in such hostile environments with minimal water, they tend to grow slowly to conserve their reserves---in my home, that means that they're small enough to tuck onto sunny windowsills in several rooms. Succulents are very easy and rewarding to propagate from leaves and stems. If you cut a piece off of a plant, roots will start to grow on the cutting if it winds up somewhere with a bit of sunlight. I'm constantly inspired by their ability to survive and even thrive under conditions that are less than ideal.

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