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Is This a Bakery, Or What?

Paper Cake Scissors describes my business in its entirety; I bake, I make art, and I sell a combination of these things. The name is a playful take on the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, and no, my cakes are not to be compared to rocks! 

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I am thrilled to announce that my collage book proposal has been shortlisted in the Walter Foster "Win A Book Deal" Contest!


About Me

I'm Emily Gold, the baker and maker of everything you'll find here. I've been running my business since 2009 in beautiful southern Vermont. Everything I make is influenced by where I live, such as the currants that I grow for homemade jam, or the eggs from my own chickens. I'm also strongly inspired by the landscape around me.  

Whether I'm making Danish from scratch, or creating a one-of-a-kind book, I take pride in doing things the old-fashioned hand! 


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