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Earrings with Personality

Earrings with Personality


These earrings will get you noticed out in the world! They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear, and may be the most sophiticated Shrinky Dinks that you've ever seen. Each design is hand drawn, using a combination of Sharpies and colored with high quality, lightfast colored pencils.  The sterling silver ear wires are handmade by me for a touch as individual as the earrings themselves. One side of the patterned piece is smooth, and the other is lightly glazed with a gloss medium to protect the color. In the light, they have the translucent look of a stained glass window. 


Sizing is as follows, from top of earwire to bottom of patterned piece:

Feather zig zag with circle - 7cm

Round blue, ochre, and fuchsia flower - 5cm, 3.5cm diameter

Round primary flower - 5.5cm, 4cm diameter 

Feather blue and green vine - 5cm

Mismatched feathers - 5cm

Round red and ochre flower - 5cm, 3.3cm diameter

Feather yellow, pink, stripe - 6cm

Feather red and yellow vine - 5cm

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