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Inheriting the Weeds

When we bought our new house, we of course focused on all the best parts (and it is not lacking!). One of those things is the gardens. The past owners included a master gardener and a photographer, and you can see how their skill and expertise came together to create outdoor spaces full of textures and colors. The gardens are vast. There are several large ones near the driveway and road, which are especially stunning, but they meander all over the four acres. There are a series of arches, big enough for a riding lawn mower to drive through, stacked three deep, that contain a plentitude of peonies, daylilies, iris, and numerous other treasures. Lately every time I go out, all I see are the weeds. There are so many of them. I start getting nervous and wonder, how am I going to stay on top of this? And then I stop to pull some weeds, no matter what clothes I'm in, gardening gloves or not. I've started to accept that however much I keep this up, even if I spend all of my days outside in the gardens, this is a battle I just can't win. I've inherited these weeds, along with all of the amazing things about this house. I look around, sigh, and go back to what I was doing.

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