Field Trip

  • Making Books Again

    I had a renewed interest at the end of last year to make some books again. It started with a carousel book that I exhibited at the Bennington Museum, and then I got some momentum going in the month of December with a very loooong accordion that I used for a monthly challenge, with prompts related to the Advent. I'm working almost daily on collages which makes me so happy. I forgot how much I enjoy piecing together little bits of things that make a cohesive whole. 

  • Artist Book at Bennington Museum

    I made a new artist book for a show at the Bennington Museum. It's a carousel book, inspired by poems by Robert Frost. Here's the cover, which is all done in colored pencil. It felt really good to make a "real" piece of art for a "real" show! It's for sale as a part of the museum's gala event fundraiser. It can also be viewed in the galleries for the entire month of December. Let me know what you think if you see it!

  • More Food and Drawing

    For some time, I've been meaning to submit recipes to the They Draw and Cook website. I finally got two finished for a recent food geometry challenge. I submitted the recipe above, along with another. It was a really fun project for me. Especially challenging was getting the piece in the correct format and size (my Photoshop skills are still lacking), and doing some digital touch up work to make them look their best. I was ultimately happy with how they turned out, and proud of myself for getting it done!

  • Food + Drawing

    I don't know why it took me so long to start drawing food. I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to combine my two interests somehow. In the last eight months, I've done lots of food drawings, beginning back in October with my Inktober recipes. I wanted to illustrate for someone other than myself, so I reached out to friends who have a coffee business. I'm working on a series of illustrations for different methods of brewing coffee. It's so much fun for me, and I find it satisfying to be working for "clients" other than myself.  

  • Chickens

    These chickens were modeled on my own chickens, Duck and Cluck. I took an online class from Anita Lehman through Carla Sonheim's website that was a very thoughtful look at composition. Sometimes it's nice to get back to basics and see how structure influences outcome. And, on a side note, it's been nice to have fresh eggs to eat and use in baked goods!

  • A New (Old) Way of Working

    I don't know why it took so long for me to go back to making collage and mixed media pieces. Maybe I didn't think they were "serious" enough, or I forgot how much fun it was for me to work this way, or maybe I just forgot how to do it. Recently, I found some fruit that I painted simply on canvas paper. I took out cheap, thin acrylics, poured green and yellow on top, and pushed the paint around the paper. After it dried, I tore out the fruit and saved them for a collage. That's where my playing around with fruit bowls began the other day. For a slight change of pace, I took a yellow piece of painted paper and turned it into a French press. I've mainly been using really smushy media, like a soft pencil, conte crayons, and Faber Castell gelatos. These collaged pieces really feel like me, and I'm loving all the color!

  • New Things!

    I'm test driving some new products at the market this Saturday. It's so much fun to play with color and shape on functional bags and totes. I like the simplicity of playing with fabric, paint, and potatoes. Yes, potatoes! That's what I used to make my stamps......and, they're compostable!

  • Stretching

    I decided to challenge myself with an online course, Explore Florals, taught by Victoria Johnson. It was three weeks of design briefs, each focusing on a different way to think about florals, with an accompanying palette. It was harder than I thought to get out of my own way of doing things and try something new. Just like life, I suppose.

  • Creative Thinking


    I am so thrilled to have my very first drawn illustration in the current issue of UPPERCASE Magazine! 

    I drew this on Thanksgiving, 2017. We decided to stay home and celebrate, just the three of us. I wanted my daughter to feel like that even though we weren't going anywhere, it was going to be a special day. So, I let her pick the drinks!

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Field Trip


My recent trips to a couple of tea places and a distillery really got my juices flowing these past few weeks. The first of these was to Harney and Sons, a cute little place in Millerton, NY. It's a tea shop, tasting room, and cafe, all in one beautiful, light-filled open space. The tasting room is set up around a L-shaped counter with tins of tea stacked to the ceiling with anything, tea-wise, your heart could wish for. I sampled my way through light to dark oxidized oolongs--it was a great way to taste and see what sorts of teas I prefer. Of course, I came home with some new treasures, including this sweet mug from the aviary collection at Danica Studio. Believe me, I don't need any more mugs, but when you know that something will make you happy every time you use, you figure you can find a spare corner in the cabinet for it.

The second half of my adventures was a trip down to Connecticut and South County (otherwise known as the southern Berkshires). In Pursuit of Tea is based in northern Connecticut and is a mail-order business that supplies fine teas to restaurants and retail customers. I was familiar with the company from my days as a baker at Izabella's, who carries their teas. The very generous owner, Sebastian Beckwith, took us through a tasting from white teas to pu-erh and sent us home with more samples! Our next stop was Berkshire Mountain Distillers, a craft distillery producing spirits from local products. Chris is doing some really interesting things including using local grains for his vodka, gins, and whiskeys. We were able to watch a little bit of the distilling process and taste some of his products. I highly recommend the gins--the botanicals are amazingly bright. They remind me of perfume (in a good way) in their clarity and purity of aroma and flavor. The day was sunny with an impossibly blue sky, making the setting all the more pastoral and idyllic, the apple trees descending down the hill, the view across to the mountains. For more pictures of our field trip, click here.

The thing that really struck me about both tea and spirits is that they're such intentional products. The products are carefully crafted by hand in many cases and made slowly. They have to adhere to certain processes, but waiting is a large portion of the formula. Waiting for leaves to wilt, waiting for the mash to ferment, waiting for barreled whiskey to age. Slow foods...and I'm a slow food kind of girl.