Chickens and Hedwig

  • Pushing Forward

    I'm trying to remember this and to boldly learn new things without getting bogged down by self doubt. It's hard!

  • Plugging Away

    I'm trying to enjoy the quiet stillness of winter. We've had lots of snow (and snow days) and rain, which has made for long weeks of nasty weather. I'm drawing daily and I can see myself steadily improving. 

  • Winter

    above image—not winter

    Winter is not my favorite season. It's cold, it's dark, it's icy....but with those restrictions comes permission to quiet your mind, think, make. It's the season when I have the most time. My daughter is in preschool, and farmers' markets are few and far between. It allows me to focus on my art and on all the other little projects that I think about during the summer. This year I'm stretching and taking Make Art That Sells, an online course from art agent Lilla Rogers. So far, I feel out of my element, which I'm taking as a good sign. Growth comes in fits and starts, and it isn't always comfortable.

  • Upcoming Holiday Season

    I'm getting ready for the upcoming holiday season! I'll be at the Bennington Farmers' Market on the first and third Saturdays of Nov. and Dec., and I'll be at the Williamstown Berkshire Grown Markets on Nov. 19th and Dec. 17th. I'll have lots of lovely linen aprons and tea towels, and delicious edibles, perfect for gift giving or enjoying with your family and friends. See you soon!

  • Inktober Almost Finished!

    I challenged myself again this year to participate in Inktober. It's an Instagram challenge where you post something drawn or painted with ink every day of October. You can make it as limiting or free as you'd like, and there's even a prompt list if you prefer to follow that. I decided I would work on patterns as a continuation of my recent Sketchbook Skool class with Ohn Mar Win. (I also wanted to practice drawing/painting people, but I enjoyed and got wrapped up with the patterns!) You can head over to Instagram to see the whole month!

  • Honored

    This is an image of an artist book that I submitted to Uppercase Magazine, and here it is actually in the magazine!

  • Permission

    I've been playing with the idea of home for many years now. For a while, I tried to convey this in a nonliteral way, but lately all I want to draw are tiny houses! And they make me happy, so I've allowed myself to do so.

  • Radio Silence

    Well, I've been busy with life, baking, and painting. After a many year hiatus, I'm making stuff again! It feels great to play around with long-forgotten supplies and skills. Check out my instagram to see the latest.

  • It's Holiday Market Time!

  • PCS Pop-up is Open

    We are so excited to tell you that we've opened a pop-up shop at 30 Spring Street in Williamstown, MA! We are open Thursday through Sunday, from 11am to 4pm. In addition to PCS goodies, we are carrying jewelry, pottery, cards, and art from some very talented local artists. We also have coffee beans roasted by Assembly Coffee Roasters in Pittsfield, MA. Stop by, say hi, and shop!

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Chickens and Hedwig

Sunday nights mean comfort, roast chicken and mashed potatoes. Which is exactly what we made tonight after an afternoon of working on the house. I roast chicken with the idea of getting the most flavor out of it, stuffing the inside cavity with quartered lemons and stalks of rosemary and marjoram, delicately separating the breast meat from the skin and tucking a layer of chopped garlic between, and seasoning the outside with olive oil, salt, and pepper. It was the perfect way to end a cold cold week and nice to remember that we still have a Monday to enjoy at home.

Williamstown, MA can be an unexpected place. So small town on one hand, with generations growing up in the very same place, families that are entwined from early history, and an esteemed (and old) college. It looks to be the perfect New England town, beautiful brick buildings that belong to the college and a cute, upscale downtown not bustling with people or stores but entirely pleasant. The summers bring in throngs of tourists, prospective students and parents looking at Williams but also celebrities, actors and actresses here for the Williamstown Theater Festival. It’s a different feel during the summer, more cosmopolitan, even happening. It’s entirely possible to spot an actor from your favorite sitcom as you’re standing in line for coffee or ice cream. In the winter, it feels rather desolate, especially when the students are on their winter break. This made it all the more surprising when we were out this past weekend. A group at Williams was putting on a Queer Festival at the little movie theater, showing a series of films including one of my all-time favorites, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We went to see it with another couple. At the beginning of the movie, the organizers announced that there would be a DJ dance party event next door at the Williams College bar/lodge where the director himself would be spinning! This sounded utterly unbelievable to me, yet we went over, and sure enough, John Cameron Mitchell was there! He introduced himself to us as simply John, and I gushed for a minute until he was pulled away to set up. The whole thing was so unlikely for a Saturday night in a small town, yet there we were and it was most certainly real! Definitely our good luck.